In a bunker city under a radioactive wasteland, a young man is involved with criminal activity and mutant hunting.

Hiatus 2019-??

Content Warnings:
Blood, Gore

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Hourly Comics

Yearly run of Hourly Comics Day, held on Feb. 1


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Oneshot originally made for a contest

Complete 2018

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500 years ago, the last dragon was defeated, and the magical force known as Blitz disappeared. Without any Blitz, the continent of Donnerbrausen changed. Nowadays, Blitz is nothing but a legend, and there is prosperity, at first glance. Corruption, slavery and power struggles are part of the system. A hero from another time awakens; The last Blitzcrafter, a master blacksmith that carries the power of Blitz, a force that is reappearing at alarming rates...

Dropped 2014-2016

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